domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Patrick S. Schumacher: The Autopoiesis of Architecture Vol 1

"(...) Grasshopper seems to be winning out in the competitive struggle for domination as the preferred tool for scripting -at least in the avant-garde segment of the discipline- both on the diagrammatic level as well as on the level of concrete modelling. The great advantange of Grasshopper is that it transposes most of the scripting syntax into graphic network language. The system of parametric dependencies that organizes the internal variability and differentiation of the model can now be configured and manipulated via a second order diagram that controls the first order diagram or model. The fact that this new, crucial domain on design decisions -the choise and elaboration of systematic correlations between the variable elements of the design- is now brought back into the  ambit of architecture's specialized medium of communication is perhaps the precondition for full-blown proliferation of parametric scripting techniques within archtiecture and the design disciplines." (Schumacher, 2011:354)

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